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I have been collecting antique piano rolls.  The current total is nearing 40.  Most are from the 1915 - 1943 timeframe.  Next, I have to get a pneumatic player piano!

Below is a picture of all my piano rolls.

My piano roll collection


Detail of a leader on an Ampico reproducing roll: An Ampico Reproducing roll leader.  "Hungarian Rhapsody";  Roll dated January 1927
The expression coding can be seen on the right and left margins of the roll:

Ampico expression codes in the margins.  Based on date and asymetric coding, this is probably an Ampico 'A' format roll.




Below: Detail (1) of artwork on a Rythmodik roll


Above: Rythmodik roll box.
The utmost tonal beauty of a piano is awakened only by the touch of an artist.  One whose fingers cause the instrument to yield its treasure of sound and make it sing with its most beautiful voice.  The touch, the tone, the every thought and feeling of the artist must be reproduced or the record music roll fails in its highest purpose.  All this the Rythmodik Record Music Rolls have achieved.  They alone bring the artist to your own piano to perform for your delight.  Whatever the composition chosen, it will be played with consummate art, a touch of velvet and above all with that beautiful singing tone which the artist only can produce.


Below: Detail (2) of artwork on a Rythmodik roll


Below: Detail from an Arto Roll box



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