My MIDI Files

Most of the following files were composed on the spot with no forethought or planning. Some are better than others. All were composed and sequenced using Cakewalk Apprentice. Most were also sequenced for a Yamaha Clavinova (CLP-560) and a Yamaha DOM-30 synthesizer device. As a result, the conversion to General MIDI isn't too exact, and errors sometimes creep into the Cakewalk .WRK to .MID file format conversion. Some works were hand-entered with a mouse (the ones without much in the way of dynamics), while others were wholly or partly entered directly at the keyboard.

Main musical influence: 1973 Aeolian Duo/Art Player Piano and about 100 QRS piano rolls.


Click here to see me play the accordion: Clarinet Polka (744 kilobytes, AVI format with Cinepak Compression)

All works by me are implicitly copyrighted.

041495 A tune I composed on April 14, 1995
Ave Maria The Ave Maria by Bach
DAH Symphony Needed a name - so I named it after myself
Daisy Rag Named after my late, great mutt
David 1 See a naming trend yet?
Etude du Midi Midi = "The South" in French. I live in the south. The file is MIDI. Get it?
Mary Waltz Named after one of my grandmothers
Michael Rag Named after my brother
Theme from Peter Gunn My most elaborate attempt at sequencing
Roccoco Joan Named after my mom
Sweet and LowdownBy George Gershwin. Recorded just after I learned it - a little rough.

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