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All pictures copyright 2000-2002 David A. Holderer

Taken from the window of an Embrer jet en route from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Dallas, Texas. 

February 2000.

Swirling storm clouds over Plano, Texas.  

May 2000.

Camera flash reflected off falling rain.  Plano, Texas. 

March 2000.

One-second exposure of a distant electrical storm and a cloud-shrouded moon.

May 2001, Plano, Texas.

Black-and-white image of dissipating storm clouds over Plano, Texas.

May, 2001.

Same image at left in original color.

American Airlines Center by night.

Notre Dame from the air. 

From 4 megapixel digital photo

Rochester, New York from the air.
Chicago from the air.
Aircraft propeller.
Sundog somewhere over Illinois.

Photos were taken with a 1999-vintage Canon PowerShot digital camera at 1024x768 resolution and

a 2002-model Kodak EasyShare DX4900 at 2448x1632 resolution.


This page created 14 June 2000/updated 9 November 2002